1. What is Alwana?

Alwana is an organic oil that is pressed from roasted olives according to the old family recipe, which is more than a 100 years old.

2. Where does Alwana come from?

Alwana is manufactured in a small area in the Rif Mountains of northern Morocco. The oil is made for private use on a very small scale.

3. How is Alwana made?

The fresh-picked olives are roasted in a traditional way, a clay oven. The roasted olives are pressed with an old-fashioned millstone. This creates the characteristic smell and taste of Alwana. Alwana is made by hand with love and care.

4. What makes the production of Alwana so intense?

The olives are roasted per batch of 20kg in a clay oven. This process takes up from 8 to 12 hours. 2 ovens are available for this process. For each can of Alwana (250ml), an average of 3.5kg of roasted olives is needed.

5. Is Alwana healthy?

Alwana is very healthy because it contains no flavourings or other artificial additives. It is a 100% organic product with an exceptionally high percentage of unsaturated fats (87%). That is considerably higher than the average extra virgin olive oil (76%).

6. Why can Alwana be unclear?

Alwana has no further treatment and is not filtered, therefor the remains of the olive paste can make the oil a bit unclear. Alwana is 100% pure.

7. What makes Alwana dark in color?

The natural earthy color of Alwana is created by the traditional roasting process of the olives.

8. Can Alwana be compared to olive oil?

Alwana certainly has some similar characteristics to olive oil. But the traditional way of roasting and producing create a unique taste and smell. Alwana is Alwana.

9. Whats the storage life of Alwana?

Canned Alwana will taste good for at least for 18 months.

10. How can Alwana be best used?

Alwana is rich in unsaturated fats. These fats lose good qualties when heated. Also the characteristic taste of Alwana can change when heated. Serve at room temperature.

11. Where can I buy Alwana?

Alwana can be ordered via our website or at one of the official resell shops. (resellers)

12. What is the nutrition value of Alwana?

nutrition/100ml: Energy 3777kJ / 901Kcal, fat 99,5 g, saturated 12,8g, mono unsatureted (mono) 76,2g, poly unsatureted (poly) 11g, carbohydrates 0g, Sugar 0g, Proteins 0g, Salt 0g 

Origin: Morocco