A summer without any family visiting from Europe, celebrating the Eid el Adha without family. Cherif has never experienced this before. However, Cherif continued with his    calm and wise tone of voice, next year will be a beautiful summer and we are going to celebrate Eid el Adha like we have never done before. And this is what makes our u   uncle Cherif such a special man… always positive and trying to make the best out of things.

Cherif also reassures us about this year's harvest. Fortunately, it has rained well in the spring after a dry winter. This makes the olives look good and with a little rain in the     fall the harvest will be great. Something Cherif cannot guarantee us of is the possible fact that Morocco will soon get back into lock-down again. In that case, traveling to and from Morocco will be impossible. Many companies and agencies will then be closed. That means for us that we cannot make Alwana this year. And what's even worse… the many families that live off the olive harvest will have less income next year. This is a horror scenario that we unfortunately have to take into account.

For now, we remain positive as Cherif teaches us. We look forward to Eid el Adha and ensure that we and everyone around us stay healthy. In that spirit we have set up a    special promotion: 2 + 2 for free (250ml can). This way you can give your family, friends and acquaintances a healthy and delicious gift.