With Cherif being our uncle we have got one of the best Alwana makers without a doubt. Every year he delivers tasty Alwana that he makes just like his father did. No need for a change one would say. We love to keep our traditions alive but there is also room for improvement within the framework of tradition. The question we ask ourselves every harvest is; how can we make our Alwana even better, without bringing harm to the tradition?

To achieve this we focused on the olive this year. Which olive tastes best for the production of Alwana? A long search led us to the Picholine olive, a type of olive that was originally French. Coincedice or not but our great-uncle Achmed from Taounate has a fantastic olive grove. An olive grove that is full of Picholine olive trees.

So all we had to do is pick the olives and inform our cousin Mo with his 37-year-old Mercedes van to transport the olives before sunset to Cherif  so the roasting process could start right away.
These delicious olives in combination with the expertise of Cherif have ensured that we have produced our tastiest and best Alwana so far. And more important we have expanded the Alwana family yet again.

1 grove, 1 olive, 1 family.