The year 2021 marked the loss of some loved ones including our dear Uncle Cherif. It was also the year in which we had many questions about how to proceed with our family product. We often talked about this together with the family in Morocco. Even though the opinions sometimes differed, we did manage to find strongly shared common ground. This was and is one of our most important core values; continuation of the family’s tradition.

Our ancestors made Alwana and Cherif did it his way. Azdinne, the son of Cherif, has now stepped up and is determined to continue with his father's passion. He considers it an honor to keep the family’s tradition alive and is proud that somewhere far from the Rif Mountains another family can enjoy Alwana. And that's exactly how - despite the sadness - we still feel. That strong feeling of togetherness, tradition and family is what made us decide to make keep on going and make new Alwana together with Azdinne, for the Alwana family here in the Netherlands.

We are proud and very grateful for all the support we have received from many over the past period. A new chapter has begun in our Alwana journey. Who's joining?